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Data Processing

Cass Processing

Utilizing Post Office approved software CMI will standardize the addresses in your data file by applying the zip+4 standards to every record possible. This demonstrates "address hygiene" for your targeted market.

NCOA (National Change of Address) Processing

NCOA processing compares your targeted market against change of address files maintained by the post office and supplied to companies certified to do such processing. Cmi is required to maintain a current PAF (Processing Acknowledgment Form). This document simply states that you are indeed the owner of the Targeted market being processed. The NCOA process results in a certificate, which proves that your Targeted Market has undergone NCOA processing. CMI will return to you either your entire file or the selected records which have had the address changed and a list of records which should be removed because they cannot be delivered.

Mail Stream

Following the NCOA processing, CMI will "mail stream" or massage your data for printing at first class or standard rates. Mail stream will place your targeted market for the best possible postage rates available.